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39 (old 25) Ajuwon-Akute Road

Fidelis Onyedikachi Michael

My name is Mr. Fidelis Onyedikachi Michael. My testimony goes thus: On Sunday Morning, my wife told me about the dream my first daughter had, and in that dream she said somebody killed her dad (that is me), but I told my wife that it is not possible.

When we got to church that sunday, we prayed about it and the Bishop had prayed about the congregation cancelling death of any sort. On Monday, I was heading for a studio session, while on a bike right on the express road. a lady forgetfully opened her car door not looking at whether a bike was coming and we hit the door and went to hit another bike at the other side of the road.

The bike man that carried was lying unconscious and the crowd had gathered, but it looks like an invisible hand took me away and i only had minor scratches while rolling on the express road.

God did His miracle that there was no vehicle coming behind us while we were down on the expressway. I give glory to God Almighty for preservation of life.